Standard Changeover Fittings

36watt fluorescent fittings  = 18watt LED tubes

For all T8 fluorescent fittings we can retro fit our tubes or if you prefer we can also have a large range of fittings which are specific to LED so they have no run gear which is what can let you down with the old style T8 fittings which have both electronic & magnetic ballasts. When we install our tubes we bypass this run gear that is also passively using power even when the tubes are out, which makes for instant light, no flickering & further savings on power usage. So a 36watt tube will actually be using close to 50watts of power, then after our tubes are installed that drops to a true 18watts.

400watt High bay = 110watt LED High bay

Most factories & warehouses have 400watt metal halide fittings,& the owner will no doubt remember changing globes numerous times & sometimes staff complaining about one flickering in their area.  The other expense when globes need changing is the hire of access equipment as the lights are usually 6-12 metres high so a one globe changeover can be $400 plus, but commonly the business owner will wait for a few to go out which can expose them to an unsafe work environment. While these fittings have put out an adequate amount of light they are also responsible for adding a substantial amount to business’ power bill & not to mention ongoing maintenance required to ensure you are compliant, especially when you have staff & forklifts in the same area, this can be a major concern for business if there is an accident & they get investigated & are found to have insufficient  lighting then fines can apply. The other issue we find is that power interruptions will mean that these fittings take 10-15 minutes to cool down before they will restart & if you have numerous staff in an area work will stop.

The LED equivalent is the 110watt, which compared to the 400watt which will use 450watt when you include the run gear is more than 4 times less power. When you calculate power saving in most business’ running a 7am to 5pm 5-6 days a week the return on investment is approximately 18 months, that is not including any maintenance expenses that you would have during the period. When our team do the installation or changeover you get the full 5 year warranty.

This in turn is added cash flow for you & you don’t have to worry globes blowing again, if an LED fitting fails you call us & it is our responsibility for the 5 year period.

1000watt High bay = 240 / 285watt LED High bay


While the 1000watt fittings are not as common as the 400watt high bay, there are still a lot of larger warehouses with them. These fittings are even hungrier than you would expect & we have found some of these using over 1200watts as they age & begin to fail. We have had a few instances with these of having to repair for work area compliance, while we spec built the new LED fittings to suit specific environments, & found the run gear & globe was as much as the LED fitting & for some they had to order the ballast to be made. This technology is dated & unreliable, & a globe is over $100 let alone the boom lift required to access most fittings that are at 12-20 metres. The other issue is glare factor which is reduced with LED as the light is distributed evenly making it a consistent light to work under. A recent project we completed with these fittings had a return on investment of 9 months due to the 1200watts vs 240watt power reduction & the result was truly amazing to see the area transformed with clear, even light. The staff were impressed & the LUX report before & after was higher than expected. With the 5 years degradation the LUX will still be over & above without being over lit.

PL Down light 2 x26watt = 20watt LED down light ( 180-200mm hole )

These down lights are in most offices are corridors in commercial properties & also widely used in retail. They were the only light on the market until recent years when the LEDs have been manufacturing numerous equivalent fittings. The DL20 is a 20watt down light available in warm white to daylight & due to a 120 degree beam vs 60 degree beam angle will really transfer an area instantly. The PL lamps are compact fluorescents & also have run gear attached to the top of the fitting which can let the reliability down & business’ will know that the fittings will start to flicker as the globe or run gear fails. In toilets the LED have proven to be substantially more reliable as they come with an IP 56 rating so are also safe for canopy lighting or weathered areas. They look a lot nicer & are flush to the roof so seal the ceiling which helps with heating & cooling losses. The return on these is usually  approximately 24 months, but remember productivity is zero when your staff have one flickering over their desk or outside the office.