Frequently Asked Questions

At LED Warehouse Direct we want to make your experience with us as easy as possible. We’ve come up with a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to assist in your decision in choosing LED Warehouse Direct as your LED supplier and installer.

Led warehouse direct use max power electrical who are a master electrician accredited company based in Heidelberg for all our Melbourne/ Victoria site inspections & installation works. The team at max power electrical have a safety management policy that will ensure you comply with your occupational health & safety requirements, & keep your workplace incident free.

Led warehouse direct are able to offer finance to our customers as we understand that business is often hard to manage undertaking additional works even though you know it will save you long term.
Why not start making the savings now & in most cases we can structure the repayment to be the same as the savings so you don’t even have to find any extra money and once the payback has finished you will be saving 73% in most cases on your lighting, so this turns into better cash flow.

Not all the led suppliers & installers have been through the Veets accreditation, this does not mean the company is not trustworthy or competitive. Part of the Veets scheme require you get a certificate of destruction so all your existing lighting has to be disposed of. Example was when led warehouse direct quoted directly against one of the larger companies and was still more than $2000 under the competitors price whilst offering a better warranty on the products. So what we recommend is that anybody thinking of an led upgrade, that they don’t presume that the larger companies offering government grants you will be saving more.

Due to a strong relationship with an led manufacturer, led warehouse direct are able to offer a full 5 year replacement warranty. No ifs or buts, if you have any fittings fail sure this period we will promptly send an electrician to your workplace to replace the fitting and make sure you are not inconvenienced.
Many other company’s will only offer a 1 or 3 year warranty, which can translate to the fittings fail before the pay back period, so asking for this is a must if the LEDs are as good as you say then you can back it.

This is the period we calculate the total upgrade versus the power saved equals.
Led warehouse direct don’t include estimated maintenance in this as we find other company’s are doing as this can smoke screen the true pay back on power only which is what we can be certain of.

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